In 2013, after choreographing and directing for several dance teams including Common Ground, The Prototypes, and Reality Check, Sonali Samarasena and Kayla Mallari set out to create a dance project under a name that completely encompassed their friendship, camaraderie, and mutual obsession: The Survey Corps.

The Corps is comprised of dancers from all over southern California and trained in all manner of dance including jazz, ballet, tap and all foundations of hip-hop including waacking and popping.  They made their debut and performed their first competitive set at the hip-hop competition Maxt Out XIII in November 2013.  That set placed 2nd in the Major Chor division and received special recognition awards from the judges.  The Corps placed 2nd again in 2014 with a Bollywood set that paid tribute to the cultural heritage of one of its founders.  In 2015 their Burlesque set took home 1st place in Major Chor as well as 3rd place overall and a special judges award for Best Costume.

In April of 2014 they presented their ‘Attack on Titan’ set at Ultimate Brawl XIV, and then performed an extended version in July at Anime Expo 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The set was a pivotal moment for the corps, highlighting their team name and achieving what the directors had always envisioned: bringing together friends and having a walloping geeky time on a stage.  The Corps has gone on to perform annually at Anime Expo bringing to life such sets as Beyond the Northern Wall, an adventure into the unknown northern region of the fandom universe.  The Corps has also performed and held panels at conventions such as Anime California, LosCon, Hanadoki Con, Anime Los Angeles and Stan Lee’s Comikaze.

With a crew of performers whose credits include Disney, America’s Best Dance Crew, Hip Hop International Champions, Nickelodeon, Diavolo, Cirque du Soleil, and a plethora of awarded hip hop teams, the Corps is a melting pot of talent and quirkiness.  The Survey Corps Dance Crew strives to maintain the sheer bliss of dancing, for the love of the art, for the joy of each other, and for the good of humanity.