watch the corps dance crew bring anime to the stage!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to watch our performance on the Community Stage at Anime Expo 2018. It is always such an honor to perform for our comrades!!


If watching this doesn't make you want to revisit all of the Miyazaki movies for old time sake, we don't know what will! We had such a good time putting this set together and loved the experience of feeling you all get to take these timeless classics and experience them in a new way!

Our Sailor Senshi slaying at Sabakon! Special thank you to Anthony for taking care of us and giving us a platform for our first out of state Convention for S/O Alpha! 

At the first ever Ronin-Expo, the Ronin Scouts made their debut. A brand new set and brand new cosplays hit the stage to open the inaugural event. 

The hip hop sailor guardians hit the road to throw it down at Ani-Me Con in Fresno, CA. 

Watch as anime worlds combine and come to life at Anime Impulse 2017!


The Corps Dance Crew took to the stage at Opening Ceremonies for Anime California with a special Free! themed performance. Which of the Free! boys is your favorite?? 


Check out The Corps Dance Crew at Ani-Me Con in Fresno, CA!! We were asked to bring a small squad out to the Central Valley and they had a blast out there!! Thanks for all the love and support, we hope to see you all at more cons in the coming season.


The Corps Dance Crew presents their Special Ops Squad as...SOY SOX! The Idols of the Corps!


The Corps Dance Crew performs their renowned Attack on Titan set at Anime Expo 2014's Masquerade. This was our first appearance at Anime Expo and the beginning of our convention appearances. The Corps has since performed at Stan Lee's Comikaze, Los Con, Anime Los Angeles, Hanadoki Con, AniMe Con Pop Summitt, Anime California, WonderCon, and San Diego Comic Con International.