Another catharsis has taken place. A monumental occurrence that has shaken the foundation of the Corps. The Fall of a director, to be followed by the upheaval of our homestead and the frantic search for new ground to roost.

But it is always in the face of great adversity that the Corps rises to the occasion, and as a phoenix from the ashes the team has flourished and grown, in bond and in presence.

In a grand gesture of homecoming, the crew held a garage sale that led into the first workshops of our new base, Studio Exchange. Nestled to the south and unassuming at first, it has fast become a place where every member of the Corps can call home. Vast rooms, luxurious resources, facilities at our disposal, and a new manager who is kinder and more welcoming than we could have ever imagined, SE is a perfect location for our growing group.

Our garage sale started early, before even the sun rose. Corpsmen gathered at Petra's home, and together were constructed a stylized presentation of our goods. The treats Nifa and I made together were on display, Reiner danced with Pokemon and ponies in the street, Free boys were running wild, Metapod was set loose with Ymir, Sasha danced about, Levi twirled a sign, and I sang show tunes with Akame. We were even honored enough to meet one of our gracious fans! Adorable and so sweet, and her mother was so lovely and supportive. Not a bad way to start a Saturday morning!

Then it was clean-up and a journey to Studio Exchange and a place where, once again, expectations were exceeded. The turn out was wonderful, the classes a joy, and the people a delight. The amazing dance group from Anime Expo, Jesus Otaku, came out to take class, along with some more wonderful fans, and it seemed more of a dance hangout than a workshop, to be honest. We even received a beautiful handcrafted gift from one of our fans, Lilian! The Corps laughed and moved and made new friends and formed new memories.

This, of course, shouldn't suggest that it wasn't a long day for the Corps. Sasha had to crash after waacking up a storm, and Pastor Nick's matcha green tea creations were the only things keeping the Corps on their feet! Nanaba, Petra, Nifa, and Reiner were holding down the fort, but by the time Erwin's class started we were all feeling loopy and silly. Sailor Scouts were bouncing everywhere, ponies were prancing, and Kaneki was going crazy in the corner. Truth be told, I found Rin, Ymir, and Levi stowed away in the back room catching a quick shut-eye at one point, and I joined in for a couple of minutes to regain some energy.

Then it was a very fun freestyle session at the end of the classes, more clean-up, and then the long trudge back to HQ to exchange our notes of the day, stuff our faces, and relax.

All in all, a successful transition into a new aspect of this new era. The perfect homecoming for our growing group. So here's to new beginnings, and to the unexpected endings that allow us to start anew!

Always, for the good of humanity.