Another day behind the Northern Wall, the members of corps are going through feelings worse than worrying about the Titans. We wait for our Hanji to go on her own expedition beyond the Northern Wall praying that she comes back in one piece. But we all know that she is strong & brave & that her weirdness & will can get her through anything & everything.  

As Sasha watches her soulmate Hanji go into battle, Sasha is doing all she can to reason the ultimate titan, which is fate. One thing that the Corps know is that all the love and potatoes and trusts she has for Hanji is what will make everything okay in the end. 

Hanji-san, as you go into your expedition, our spirits are with you. Sasha, Pixis, Mikasa, & Erwin are waiting at the the top of the wall ready to get you & bring you back home. 

The Corps have made strong bonds because we aspire to have that relationship that Sasha & Hanji have that is one in a million. Our bonds are what will get us through our future expeditions & continue doing THE MOST #forkayla.