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Our Special Ops Alpha Squad made an appearance at WonderCon Halftime Masquerade and these ladies sure left their mark! If you didn't get the chance to witness the fierceness that is these Bombshells, we've got you covered!
Our Special Ops channel their Inner Kpop stars and perform at The Irvine Korean Culture Festival 2018! For booking information please contact Visit our website for more information Follow us for fun: Facebook: Instagram: TheCorpsDanceCrew Tumblr: Twitter: TheCorpsDC YouTube:
He who shall not be named has returned... Tragedy is sure to befall the stage at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con Nerdfest. That's where you come in! Wands at the ready, wizards! Prepare your most powerful spells and ready yourself to do battle against the Dark Lord and his army of Death Eaters.
When there's trouble you know who to call....TEEN TITANS!! This was our second year performing as halftime for the HBO Masquerade at world famous San Diego Comic Con. Many thanks to Martin, John, Ashley, Melissa and all of the staff and team behind a show that is fancy, fun and a dream to be a part of.

The Corps Dance Crew performs their Teen Titans set at Ultimate Brawl Dance Competition 2017.  Watch as our Titans fight crime and bust some sick moves while doing it.


The Corps Dance Crew Ultimate Brawl 2016. Congratulations to 909 HHDT for hosting another amazing event!

The Teen Titans hit the stage at Fusion XVII hosted by UCSD MASA San Diego Concourse Golden Hall 4.16.17  *DISCLAIMER* Opener audio was altered so that it wouldn't be blocked!

We had the honor of performing at WonderCon 2016 during the Masquerade halftime. It was an amazing experience to perform at Microsoft Theater for a crowd of fellow nerds!! We brought back our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set as seen at Comikaze, but a few of our other Marvel Universe friends wanted to come along as well.


We sent our Special Ops squad out on an expedition to Comikaze 2015. Their cover: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Will the agents prevail?