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Special ops sailor scouts - coming soon

Our Special Ops squad took the Sailor Scouts to new levels.  First as the hip hop Sailor Scouts and next as the Ronin Scouts.  Our costume design team created these cosplays from scratch for you to enjoy.  These cosplays were featured at Anime Impulse, Anime Los Angeles, Ani-Me Con Fresno, and Ronin Expo.

teen titans - coming soon

When there's trouble you know who to call!! The Corps Dance Crew brings DC Comics' Teen Titans to the stage.  Performed at Fusion Hip Hop Dance Competition, Ultimate Brawl: Battle of Distinction, and soon to be performed at San Diego Comic Con, this set is beyond epic!


Return to the unknown - coming soon

For our Return to the Unknown we decided to revisit some of our favorite anime series for inspiration.  These cosplays were designed and handcrafted specifically for performing.  The early version of this set features Your Lie in April, Inuyasha, Death Note, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Sailor Moon.  For Anime Expo, when we completed our epic saga, we retired Your Lie in April and Death Note, and incorporated Ouran High School Host Club and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Into the kingdom

Levi and Hanji led the 104th Squadron Beyond the Northern Wall but the return trip turned out to be an adventure in itself.  Inspired by the rich world of Kingdom Hearts these cosplays were designed and created by The Corps for our performances at Anime Expo 2016 and Anime California 2016.

Vanity Fair

The 106th squadron is coming to you straight from the pages of Vanity Fair. Chic, sophisticated, and dressed in their finest duds they slay the camera.

X-Men adventures

The X-men are the coolest friends you always wanted to have watching your back.  The Corps hit the stage and convention floor as the X-Men for the first time at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC, formerly Comikaze) in 2015.  The X-men then returned to the stage for WonderCon 2016, LACC 2016, and the illustrious San Diego Comic Con 2016.

agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

One of the series we truly love is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so when the opportunity arose in 2015 to perform at Stan Lee's Comikaze (now Los Angeles Comic Con) we knew what we had to do.  We assembled our Special Ops squad and made our Marvel universe cosplay debut.

show me how you burlesque

For Maxt Out 2015 Co-Founders/Directors Kayla and Sonali wanted to create a sultry but characteristically Corps performance set and chose the movie Burlesque as their inspiration.  This set won 1st place in the Major Choreo division and also received a special judges award for Best Costume.

beyond the northern wall

Levi and Hanji decided to venture Beyond the Northern Wall.  Unbeknownst to them, a grand adventure in multiple lands awaited them.  But with great fun comes great risk...

keep it Geek chic

For our 105th squadron's team shoot we decided to dress Geek Chic.  Each Corps member brought something personal and beloved for their photographs.

bollywood bliss

Co-Founder/Director Sonali grew up surrounded by the vibrant colors and energetic melodies of Bollywood.  Her dream to bring the world of Bollywood to the dance floor resulted in the Bollywood themed set performed at Maxt Out 2014.  The performance won 2nd place in the Major Choreo division.

survey corporate

The 104th squadron and it's founding mothers take to the fields to survey the titans in style.