Our Heichous Liz and Bevyn take you behind the scenes and up close and personal with The Corps Dance Crew.

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The Heichous take you behind the scenes and into the middle of the action at Anime Expo with The Corps!

VLOG #6 stay tuned

There are some exciting things on the horizon for The Corps!

VLOG #5 FUsion

Go behind the scenes at Fusion XVII!

VLOG #4 Ani-me con fresno!

Special Ops journeys out to Fresno for Ani-Me Con! Hang with the Hip Hop Sailor Scouts!

Vlog #3 Under construction 

Visit us at rehearsal as we work on a dance piece and also our cosplays for a new and upcoming set!

VLOG #2 Cosplay close up

Go behind the scenes at our first ever Cosplay Close up with The Corps!

Vlog #1 Open rehearsal

Enjoy our first video from our open rehearsal and we can't wait to show you more of what we do outside of the stage!