officers club

The officers club is a listing of sponsors and patrons who have shown significant support to The Corps. The Officers Club is reserved for Patreon Patrons and those individuals or organizations who have made notable support of the many expeditions The Corps has taken on. We would like to thank our sponsors and patrons by acknowledging them publicly. If you would like to become a patron please visit our Patreon for more information. Sourumeito!


Joann Im

Christy Quist

Sarah M. Touch


Cindy Ho

Annie Luck

Scott P.

Jenna Keiper

Chanelle Wang

Ylenia Russotto

Wilsa Derro

Pauline Terri Santiago

Kelley Pierse

Jeff Aultman

Kelly McLaughlin

Tammy Hong Nguyen

Brigido Bautista

Matthew Cotter

Current members

Annie Luck

Caliban Yotsuya

Garwye Wong

Syd Holquist

Sami Jayne

Tiffany Mallari

Tobias Xiao Dong

Irene and Reynaldo Mallari

John C. Ruff

Audrey Monteil

Santos Family

Jose Valencia

Alan Bautista

Ramon Gofigan

Mary Krell-Oishi

Joe Diaz

Sharmila Gunasakara

Coleen Richardson

past members

Haber Konium

Chloe Trubridge

Matt Guttierrez

corporate members


Epic Cosplay Wigs


LevelUpPM Props


Ronin Expo