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When there's trouble you know who to call....TEEN TITANS!! This was our second year performing as halftime for the HBO Masquerade at world famous San Diego Comic Con. Many thanks to Martin, John, Ashley, Melissa and all of the staff and team behind a show that is fancy, fun and a dream to be a part of.
In the final chapter of our epic trilogy that began with "Beyond the Northern Wall" followed by "Into the Kingdom" comes "Return to the Unknown". After defetaing Maleficent and her villain squad, Levi, Hanji and the 104th are excited to finally make it home!! But what will it take to get through the final portal?

At the first ever Ronin-Expo, the Ronin Scouts made their debut. A brand new set and brand new cosplays hit the stage to open the inaugural event. 

The Corps Dance Crew performs their Teen Titans set at Ultimate Brawl Dance Competition 2017. 

The Teen Titans hit the stage at Fusion XVII hosted by UCSD MASA San Diego Concourse Golden Hall 4.16.17  *DISCLAIMER* Opener audio was altered so that it wouldn't be blocked!

The hip hop sailor guardians hit the road to throw it down at Ani-Me Con in Fresno, CA. 

Check out our Anime Medley set as performed at Anime Impulse 2017!!

Hip Hop International 2016 required a lot of training, so we sent our best trainers out to represent the Corps Dance Crew....our best Pokemon Go Trainers.


The Corps Dance Crew took to the stage at Opening Ceremonies for Anime California with a special Free! themed performance. Which of the Free! boys is your favorite?? 

In 2015 we went Beyond the Northern Wall, but what happened after Hanji opened that last portal to get the squad back home? Find out what happened next to the 104th squad as they journey Into the Kingdom at Anime Expo 2016.


Check out The Corps Dance Crew at Ani-Me Con in Fresno, CA!! We were asked to bring a small squad out to the Central Valley and they had a blast out there!! Thanks for all the love and support, we hope to see you all at more cons in the coming season.


The Corps Dance Crew Ultimate Brawl 2016. Congratulations to 909 HHDT for hosting another amazing event! Like, share, and subscribe for more dance videos! To become a better dancer, take online dance classes here: For dance tips and knowledge, read our blog here: To stay up to date in the dance community and get inspired, follow us!


The Corps Dance Crew | Exhibition Media Coverage by @VIBRVNCY Filmed & Edited by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Fusion XVI presented by UCSD MASA Spreckels Theater, San Diego 4.17.16 #fusionxvi instagram @ucsdmasa


The Corps Dance Crew presents their Special Ops Squad as...SOY SOX! The Idols of the Corps!


Kayla Mallari & Sonali Samarasena Present: The Survey Corps | 1st Place Major Chor & 2nd Overall Media Coverage by @VIBRVNCY Filmed & Edited by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Motion Graphics by Yosuke Murakami @yosukemurakami Maxt Out XV presented by JayVee Dance Pasadena City College Sexson Auditorium 11.22.15 #MAXTOUTXV instagram @maxtoutdance


We sent our Special Ops squad out on an expedition to Comikaze 2015. Their cover: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Will the agents prevail?


Hanji and Levi lead a squad consisting of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha Connie, and Jean on a mission to investigate strange occurrences to the north of Wall Maria.

The Corps | Exhibition Film Coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez & Eryn Aquino @erynrae Ultimate Brawl presented by 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe Fox Performing Arts Center 5.3.15

We celebrate the vibrant heritage of one of our directors by bringing Bollywood to the SoCal hip hop scene.

The Corps [2nd Place Major Chor] Film coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Maxt Out XIV presented by JayVee Dance Pasadena City College Sexson Auditorium 11.23.14

The Corps Dance Crew performs their renowned Attack on Titan set at Anime Expo 2014's Masquerade. This was our first appearance at Anime Expo and the beginning of our convention appearances. The Corps has since performed at Stan Lee's Comikaze, Los Con, Anime Los Angeles, Hanadoki Con, AniMe Con Pop Summitt, Anime California, WonderCon, and San Diego Comic Con International.

The Corps hits the stage for the VERY FIRST TIME!


The Corps [2nd Place Major Chor] Film coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Maxt Out presented by JayVee Dance San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 11.24.13