AKA: Superman |                 Propmaster

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Joined The Corps: Corps and I have kind of an undefined relationship anniversary.. it was kinda like "... and now you're coming to all of our events...." But I think that was sometime at the end of 2015.


  • Favorite Corps Memory: My favorite memory is actually a really bitter sweet one. It was Ngugi Thuo's going away party. Super fun and super good vibes but still a sad occasion.
  • Favorite Anime(s): Avatar | Death Note | Fairy Tale.
  • Possession/Thing(s) You Cannot Live Without: Phone and car. But mostly just for practical reasons. I was going to say Tiffany Rae Mallari but that seems a bit too possessive. Haha.


Quote or Catch Phrase:

"Level Up!" Basically the condensed and nerdy version of a general idea. Which is to grow in
whatever I'm doing in life so that I can progress to the "next level" in whatever aspect or form that takes.