Special Ops Squad

The Special Ops Squad is a small, elite group of active Corpsmen that perform specialized dance sets and represent the team remotely, for VIP events, and various occasions.  Special Ops travels far and wide to represent The Corps and bring our unique blend of creative cosplay and professional dancing to special events.

For rates and booking information please email thecorpsdancecrew@gmail.com.

Our Special Ops channel their Inner Kpop stars and perform at The Irvine Korean Culture Festival 2018! For booking information please contact thecorpsdancecrew@gmail.com. Visit our website for more information thecorpsdancecrew.com. Follow us for fun: Facebook: facebook.com/thecorpsdance... Instagram: TheCorpsDanceCrew Tumblr: thecorpsdancecrew.tumblr.com Twitter: TheCorpsDC YouTube: youtube.com/thecorpsdancecrew
Our Special Ops Alpha Squad made an appearance at WonderCon Halftime Masquerade and these ladies sure left their mark! If you didn't get the chance to witness the fierceness that is these Bombshells, we've got you covered!

The hip hop Sailor Guardians hit the road to throw it down at Ani-Me Con in Fresno, CA. Sailor Moon: Ryo Sailor Mercury: Liz Sailor Mars: Sonali Sailor Jupiter: Kayla Sailor Venus: Clarissa Chibi Moon: Lauren Sailor Saturn: Amanda Cosplays by Aimee, Kayla, & The Pantry Make sure to like and subscribe for more fun!!

The Corps Dance Crew returns to WonderCon's Masquerade!! Our Special Ops squad hits the stage at WonderCon in Teen Titans cosplay. When there's trouble you know who to call!! 

Our Special Ops Squad takes to the competition circuit at Hip Hop International 2016 in Las Vegas!

The Corps Dance Crew hit the stage at Club Comic Con during Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con!! 

The Corps Dance Crew presents their Special Ops Squad as...SOY SOX! The Idols of the Corps!